Consuming Company

Ah…food may be fuel sometimes, but true nourishment for me almost always is social. I super-like to challenge myself with new recipes when guests come, and since my mom was here this weekend, she was the guinnea pig.  Why does food taste better shared???

Friday’s K-lights: Shockingly affordable live clams pushed me to try a restaraunt favorite at home: Steamed Clams in White Wine. The little critters were so pretty…CIMG0512While I was steaming them and creating a bath of Charles Smith Wines Eve Chardonnay (A FAB-O BUY!), onions, spices and diced tomatoes, I needed a snack. Finally tried out Banana on Avocado Mashed Toast . My Gosh! Who knew suchCIMG0516 a combo would be so delicioso! 

YOu can tell how happy I was!



Saturday’s K-lights: After my rocking run, the day began with the BEST cup CIMG0523of coffee from TJs (Bay Blend)…We drove up to Seattle and completed TASK #44: Yum Cha with friends. Yum Cha is drinking tea Hong Kong Style and enjoying a dim sum brunch. It’s best doing it with a big group of friends. Seasame seed balls, steamed BBQ Pork Buns, Taro Squares all rolled by on trolleys.We really didn’t have a group with curious appetites, and so the experience was a little dissapointing.  I was too busy trying to be a hostess that I didn’t get to explore as much as I’d want to, instead opting to be silly instead with my fab-o intimates. It still feels good to try something new!

Saturday night I plucked my mom out to on an evening wCIMG0530alk to my favorite family owned Bistro, The Upper Crust. I pressured mom into trying her first cider (From WA, this place goes local!) and I SAVORED Maryhill’s (again, WA!) Winemaker’s Red. Yum-o! Yum-o (and after it was gone) Yuuuuummmmm-o! And get an eyeball on these scones!

CIMG0524CIMG0533Our selection involved a GORGEOUS checkerboard pizza with melted goat cheese medallions and cured olives. Isn’t this beautiful? One of the best pizza’s I’ve had all year… 

We finished it up with some bread pudding…All while planning my dessert pancake recipe for Katie’s challenge. I love projects like this! I am going to prepare them for the Eats and Earrings Exchange I am hosting on Friday (bring a dish and a pair of wrapped earrings to swap! So fun!).  Have any ideas or suggestions?  for me?            



6 thoughts on “Consuming Company

  1. I definitely eat better when with friends. My anxiety levels decrease SO much when I’m with people who make me happy, and I notice myself much more apt to try new things and enjoy them.

  2. Mmmm all the food looks so delicious! It’s great to have another blogger from Seattle…then I can copy all the delicious places you go to eat 😉

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