The Goodness of Brevity

imagesMy feet light, the sea-y perfumed air greeting me, the sun shining warmly as if solely for my nourishment, I feel alive. This light jog, an easy-pensive three miles, rejuvenated my hope. The birds my Ipod this morning, and my own feelings the chatter. After almost 7 weeks of no running due to plantar fascitis, this re-commencement further confirmed that running fuels me, makes me feel alive, in the brief time span. I know I used to or sometimes will continue to abuse it,to use it as a way to earn a sense of okay-ness, or validate my terrible hunger. But today, instead of diminishing or grieving its brevity, it was as if a glass of good wine.
I used to poo-poo the things that “don’t last.” flowers, “empty carbs”, or items I belabored as “cheap.” Now, perhaps because my friendship with Jack, I realize that nothing truly lasts. And it’s brevity makes the world so full and good.
It is, I am, enough…
Speaking of enough-ness…I’ve been cooking up a storm! Check out my awesomeย  sweet cilantro pesto and eyeballed granola bars. Got to say Yum-o to these critters…
I NEED your help in selecting my next book, so if you didn’t comment on my Summer Reading Selection, please do!


7 thoughts on “The Goodness of Brevity

  1. sweet cilantro pesto sounds great! and since i just started following your blog, i don’t know what you’re doing to your hair. but since you’re counting down to locks of love, i’m assuming you’re giving it a chop?! post before and after pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚

    have a great saturday, girl!


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