K Crazes: Summer Reading & Raspberry Cheese Toast

CIMG0485On the I am OBSESSED with this new combination of white cheese (mozarella, goat cheese, guyere) melted on top of toast/kashi frozen waffle slathered with Raspberry All Fruit Jam…It packs awesome flavor (especially when I add in a bit of basil into it) and fill me up completely for a few hours.  I tried tonight to have it be really oozing, so on the bottom, I mixed the jam with yogurt, stuffed basil into it (look! this plant has lasted 3 months!) and then melted hard goat cheese on top….then another dollop of rCIMG0486aspberry jam….

I was munching away and then thought! Crud! Get out the camera, girl!

YUMMO! Try it out!

On another note…I just finished reading Love Walked In. This was a good book for the airport traveling while visiting mybrother. And since I am single and in my 30s (like Cornelia) and like to find a lover with a kid, I enjoyed the read…although the little girl’s character appears to adult like. But the book didn’t have phrases that take my breath away. I am currently reading Trails of Crumbs as my nonfiction, and sip it up in tibits with its descriptions of food and finding a home.

So? Suggestions…some Coop, by Michael Perry…about a spiritual journey, aka Farm-Daddy style. Then there’s Olive Kittredge who says “Don’t Be Afraid of your hunger” or you’ll end up like a nimwit. Or perhaps I should turn to The Phyisck Book of Deliverance a haunting tale about the witch trials and a young Harvard researcher’s insight . Or finally, maybe The Philosophical Baby, about how children show us the way to embrace truth and meaning.

Votes?….or other suggestions? I want to be BLOWN Away!

 COUNTDOWN: 4 nights until LOCKS of LOVE!


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