Full of Hot Air: Task #43!

imagesPajama bottoms: the tattered blue ones stuffed in the WAY back. That’s what my relationship with my mother is. I go through long stretched seasons where I can’t get out of these comfy lovers, as they make their way into the weekly laundry pile to be used the same night they escape warm and friendly from the dryer. The time of year is not acknowledged and they fit all my moods. And then there are seasons where I do not forget about them, but they remain untouched, an unquestionable distance between us that is more than geographic. I don’t think they like me, and even if I force them on, they just don’t feel right.

My mom is supposed to visit me this weekend, which is an event, because she has only visited me one other time in the past 12 years. And I am nervous about it, trying to perfect activities or a dinner menu in my head in order to gain her approval and feel that comfortable belongingness again. Manufacture a sense of “you know me as me, the 30 year old K and not the Critter trolling around on the soccer field.” But it doesn’t work this way. Love, easy cotton candy, quickly is metabloized, but Like….and feeling as if you belong to members of your intimate posse, well, that is really a challenge sometimes.

 So, this weekend, maybe task #58 (something special with my mom) will unfold….I am afriad to want it, though.
BUT! In the meantime, let me show you have brave a little psychologist can be. Task #43 proved a little self-involving, because I was honestly thinking about being afraid of the hot air balloon ride in Park City at least weeks before it occured. I read about accidents and got googled into anxiety that we might hit a power line and plunge prematurely….and although I know all the tricks CIMG0468of relaxation and exposure therapy, still…I was afraid and a little infatuated with the possibility of a risky experience….
All those anticipated fears, however, never emerged! The ride was soothing if anything, and at one point, my brother said “this feels safer than an airplane.” I gauffed initially because I was so wound up about it, but he was right….I expected turbulence and it was smooth floating…..
Hmmmm, maybe the same is true for this weekend? Have you ever made something scary and then, when there, it was rather peaceful?
COUNTDOWN: 5 nights until LOCKS OF LOVE!

8 thoughts on “Full of Hot Air: Task #43!

  1. lucky! Flying in a hot air balloon sounds so soothing! Glad you had a great experience!

    p.s the cliff bar wasn’t actually that bad hehe. But its def. something I would get once in a blue moon

  2. that is such a cool thing to do!!!

    about the bagels, I really love Thomas 100% WW Bagels. THey are huge, full of protein, fiber, whole grains. They toast beautifully and aren’t hard 🙂 nice and soft!

  3. Yeah, I make mountains out of anthills all the time, even though I know it’s probably going to be alright.

    I can understand your anxiety about your Mom visiting, but isn’t this a great opportunity to reconnect in person? I think it’s fantastic that she’s coming and I hope all goes great for you!

    I wouldn’t advise taking her on a hot air balloon ride though 😉

  4. wow i love the idea of 101 things in 1001 days! and i *always* make things super scary and stressful when they aren’t really so bad (ie: MCAT and all the med stuff i’m dealing with). hope the weekend with your mom goes well!

  5. I just wanted to thank you SO much for stopping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment! It was nice of you to come and say such nice things 🙂 I really hope that everything with your mommy goes more smoothly than you think! fingers crossed

  6. I’ve always wanted to take a hot air balloon ride but never could find a place to do it. This post renewed my interest in it.

    Something that seemed scary but turned out to be peaceful…Hmmm…Yep, I’ve got it! When I moved to THE BIG CITY from the small-town environment I’d lived in my whole life, I was definitely nervous…about everything. I was nervous about finding my way around by myself, I was nervous about taking the subway, I was even nervous about silly things like using the ubiquitous apartment intercoms because I was afraid I’d look like a newbie. Well, my fears were completely unfounded. Sure, I got lost sometimes or took the wrong subway or had to ask questions because I didn’t know how to do something that city dwellers consider general knowledge. But what I learned was that it wasn’t a tragedy. In fact, it was rather exciting, and overall, the transition to city living was extremely smooth and painless.

    Hope your visit with your mom was equally smooth and painless!

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