Scattered, walking sensitive to the rising sun or the cool breeze. My mind aflutter with activity, and although I try to do a deep HAAAA exhale, there’s rumbling within.

Does my mind ever cease with it’s what ifs, or how abouts, or perhaps I shoulds?  For fractions of a minute, in rambling stolen moments, a peacefulness of the moment roots my center. And then slips away, and although still balanced, I am going, going, going.

Random thoughts while trying to relax in yoga this morning:

1) Did I remember my bra today?

2) I wonder if I’ll look like a boy when I chop my hair for LOL next week

3) That was one weak up-dog

4) Would the meat be good marinated in coke?

5) would a post on being distracted, but balanced be good today?

6) Peanut-butter…want peanut butter

7) Did I drink enough H20 yesterday?

8) Stop! Thinking! SO MUCH!

9) Seriously, short hair? Would blonde look good?

10) What should I do with Mom…Urg!

Perhaps in my tree pose, perched and growing on one leg…it appears that I am balanced. And perhaps I am…and yet also scattered. And thinking about the scattering makes me more balanced…isn’t that weird?

How do you feel when you’re scattered? What do you usually blame (LOW SUGAR!) for it and what do you do?


10 thoughts on “Scattered

  1. It is sometimes difficult for anyone who is intellectually courteous to keep from getting mentally scattered from time to time. When I feel I am too scattered, I tend to focus on something immediately around me and try to live in that moment for awhile. This usually settles my mind down. I find it is easier for me to deal with being too scattered than to deal with being too fixated on one thing. That is when I have to work hard to tear my mind away from it.

  2. your scatter-brain thoughts are so funny. i’m constantly worrying about something, thinking too hard about unimportant things, or having random thoughts pop into my mind. i usually blame it on being bored or unorganized (mentally, that is. haha.) when i’m not focused on something and have nothing to do, i think think think. i usually feel frustrated when i’m scattered, because i can’t get anything straight! number 6 is my favorite thought of yours, hah! i’m definitely going to subscribe to your blog now! thanks for the comment you left me earlier. 🙂


  3. The Texan in me must suggest marinating in Dr. Pepper instead of Coke. Dr. Pepper-marinated shredded beef makes for great tacos with lime. 🙂 Meditate on that for long and you’ll need a bib to catch the drool.

  4. Haha, I definitely get those random thoughts every once in a while! I usually end up snapping out of it and going “what the heck am I supposed to be doing again?” 😉

    And don’t worry… I have seriously considered chopping off my hair before as well. Totally normal thoughts. 🙂


  5. Love the poetry like opening!! And love all the random haha that’s what I feel like in yoga some times 🙂 I think when I’m scattered my thought process is very similar to yours… as for why… I blame stress lol… as for what I do… try to clear my mind and focus on either a sound, a word, my breath, and when my mind wanders just say it’s ok and bring it back 🙂

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