Freedom and Farmer’s Markets

CIMG0481My brother asked me yesterday: what does patriotism mean to you? And the one big thing I came up with is that I was, as a single woman, I was able to ride a bike in heels, curse at my brother when I needed space at a public market, and then read and buy my own materials.

I was visiting him in SLC and we hCIMG0472ad such a lovely time together. Besides all the activities we did (more on hot air ballooning and beer comparing later!) we really just “hung” out. The funniest moments are ones where we completely just did what ever we felt like. We ended up riding in a car for a full day to catch less than an hour in Zion National Park. We are both NOT car people (too much testosterone!) but lthere were highlights:  CIMG0475talking myself out of a ticket for one and MANY missed turns! 

But my favorite parts involved food…from reviewing raw food bars, to browsing farmer’s markets and gourmet deli-s, to being able to cook and break bread together. I, CIMG0433of course, cherished putting together antipasta plates with a cabernet anCIMG0451d a strong blue cheese and cantelope…one night this was, followed by braised lamb shanks, creamy poltena and roasted rCIMG0437oots.

It’s awesome to be in someone’s company and be relaxed. I like who I am with my little brother…and that, to me, is freedom.

What’s yours?

4 thoughts on “Freedom and Farmer’s Markets

  1. Freedom to me, is the ability to just be at peace no matter in what circumstances and situations, the ability to maintain my inner confidence and happiness even in the face of problems and struggles. It’s the faith in my God that He will provide for me, and that He has great things for me, and that He loves me. haha, sorry for getting all religious, but that’s my own personal take on freedom 🙂

    And you had such a wonderful time! the food sounds great, and quality time with a family is always so awesome! And haha, the ability to curse at my bro is also a freedom I cherish 🙂

  2. I’ve been to Zion and it is a beautiful place. It does sound like you had a wonderful time with your brother.

    This weekend, freedom for me was painting the family room. Freedom isn’t always spectacular.

  3. Trevor asked what is patriotism to you…I agree with you that patriotism is a celebration of the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. However, I think there’s more to patriotism for me.

    My generation of Rubendall’s and Brockishes did not send one person to the military. We were lucky enough to be after Vietnam’s draft ended and before Desert Storm. Both fathers are military vets: Navy and Marines. The fact that they both survived their respective roles in Korea is something we’re all extremely thankful for.

    Trevor’s enlistment is a point of honor and service to his countrymen and family. For this I am thankful and torn.

    As American’s we can easily turn a blind eye to the maneuvering necessary to establish and maintain this country as a world power and what that means for our daily lives in a land of plenty and a land of opportunity. But we shouldn’t turn a blind eye. Adults need to be aware and involved. Wars are horrible and we have sometimes entered into wars that were very unpopular. No one wants to send their children or spouses to war.

    The people who sign up for military service are loved and supported, regardless of the politics of the country. How difficult it must be to do the work the American military service person does! I have the utmost respect for these people. I love my country. I love our freedoms. I don’t think we should have them at any cost. The fact that we can debate and discuss these freedoms is not to be taken lightly.

    I work in Saudi Arabia where it is literally illegal to discuss politics, speak negatively about the monarchy, or question authority. The funny thing is, from an American perspective, that there are a lot of places in the world very similar–places where it is not illeagal, but dangerous to speak out against the leaders.

    In America we embrace this freedom of speech, press, and religion and can’t imagine not having these basic rights. I am so thankful for the luck of my birth.

    These are some of what patriotism is all about to me.

    Thank you Trevor.

    • OH MY GOSH, Julie…you are amazing. Thank you for this insight. Thank you for your humble recognition, and embracing of the opposites. I SAID the EXACT thing at the Farmer’s Market: I AM SO LUCKY TO BE BORN here! A favorite book of mine, Reading Lolita in Tehran, opened my eyes to my freedoms. Let’s name and praise them!

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