On my list (task # 94) attending a murder mystery party. Happy to say, CHECKED
that one off, next one! Don’t get me wrong, we cruised around the sound on the Summer SOLCTICE, when Seattle is at it’s heyday, and it WAS gorgeous. But the plot of the theatrics, ho-hum, and by the end of the evening, I couldn’t tell you who the murderer was…in fact, all I can tell you is that I wish it was warm enough to complete task #1! The most entertaining “mystery” of the evening involved a runaway shrimp. Somehow, I got a little tae bo on the barbie and when pulling off the creastacian from the skewer with gusto, the protein went flying. I spent the better part of the dinner course peering
underneath linens to locate the bugger. A little/long while later, the shrimp was safely recovered under a chair.
The runner up mystery, however, goes to a woman a few tables over, who hacked up something prickly for NOT KIDDING, more than 15 minutes, which is a LONG tCIMG0412[1]ime in the food world (most people get antsy after 13…I should know from my waiting tables day).
In K fashion, and like the Greeks well understood, entertainment redemption came in the form of a substance…caffeine. Ah! yummy! So simple…a cup of coffee, which probably cost less than 30 cents, floated me back to dry land…


2 thoughts on “It’s a MYSTERY

  1. “Ah! yummy! So simple…a cup of coffee, which probably cost less than 30 cents, floated me back to dry land…”

    For some strange reason, this is the meat of the post to me. I need help 🙂

  2. I think murder mystery dinners are more fun when you get to actively participate. A few years ago, some friends of mine put together a mystery dinner party for about a dozen people. Each of us was preassigned a role to play, and we had to come in costume. No one knew who was guilty beforehand, not even the “murderer.” A series of clues were given out at intervals, and we had to act out our parts throughout dinner. It was so entertaining! I would absolutely do it again! I think the opportunity to be a participant instead of just an observer made all the difference.

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