Seeing Red

I CRAVE SOCKS. Today, I am sporting vibrant, sassy flower socks with my shiny red shoes.  Every now and again, I feel a bit petulant when I wake up and put on my socks or red shoes. They shine in patent leather. Cheery Red. They clip clop noisily, and push my feet higher making my steps lighter and quicker.
I’ve told you before that my red shoes get me noticed. Almost every single day they grace my feet, I experience verbal affirmations. Sure, people compliment them …pointing out that those shoes are “killer!” (although I manage to steal their credit) but they also compliment me…my personality, my skills, my interactions are positively reinforced.
But today, I got strange looks…one person said “you remind me of Dorothy.”
And I was deflated a bit, even though I had a bladder full of coffee and should have been geared and ready to go, my belly turned a bit. I didn’t feel fierce at all. 
I wrote three months ago:  The older get, the less concerned I am with what other people think about me. I have many strengths, skills, positive attributes, philosophies…but I still like it when others point these out to me. As a single woman, visual affirmation still matters to me. ”  For a good 30 minutes, I criticized my clothes choice today. I wanted to go home and change. And then, I was very much awCheck out my homemade skirt! are of my insecurity, as if I was in highschool again and comparing myself to the cheerleading twins who always had the best outfits.
I LOVE my red shoes. I LOVE my funky socks. They are SO K. And they make me feel like myself, although I am STILL  somewhat uncomfortable in them. But that’s what being a woman is about, that mixture of confidence and yet vulnerability. I am both.
What are your red shoes?

(BONUS: Check out the skirt my mom made for me! she sewed in a piece of cross stitch my great-grandmother made, .!)


4 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Baby funk on my clothes. After attempting to be meticulous about removing baby debris off me for so long, I no longer care. However, I’m not sure if such apathy is a result of defiance or resignation.

  2. I have a black and white baby doll dress. It fits comfortably, with pockets and details that enhance versatility- work or play appropriate. I get complements on it constantly. What I notice most about my clothing choice – and I do love expressing myself with my dress – is that if I’m comfortable, it’s all good no matter what I’ve put on. Some days I’m comfortable in the zaniest or hippest thing I can come up with. But most days I’m not. Listening to internal voice is the challenge.

  3. You go girl! I am proud to see the self confident young woman wear whatever makes her feel special. You adored your red patent leathers as a child, and were proud to wear them with the pride in knowing you had the most beautiful shoes ever!! If anyone comments you look like Dorothy again….be sure and thank them profusely!!! To think I looked like one of the most beautiful and talented actresses that ever were, Miss Judy Garland would be the best compliment I could think of recieving! Of course, you do resemble Miss Marilyn Monroe a bit more in my opinion, sweetie!

  4. Your red shoes are awesome! When I was a little girl, I always wanted red shoes, but my mom always said they were impractical, so I could only ever have the black (for winter) or white (for summer). To make matters worse, one of my friends actually had a pair of red shoes, and oh, how I drooled over them! One year, my mom bought me a glittering red shoe for my Christmas ornament collection, but that was the closest I ever got to wearing a pair. Anyone who doesn’t understand the magic of red shoes just has no taste! 🙂

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