Stronger than you know

You are stronger than you know…

The words dripped out of my fat, beloved pink Sharpie and stained a yellow office post it. For some reason, many times through out the day, the drudgery of life nabs my attention. I am impatient, anxious, addicted, weak. And this tendency to parent myself with criticism (“don’t buy that, use your manners, stand up tall and make a good impression!”) is often inauthentic and inaccurate.

Because I am strong, bad ass chicka!

The post stands and am taping it here…Leave a comment, naming three things you have done this year in 2009 that required strength…

Here are mine

1) Gave up my treadmill when it was clear that I was running due to compulsion and not for my health

2) Waited for a job in ambiguity, and then accepted one overseas beginning in THREE months

3) I signed up for backpacking trip by myself

This is part of Operation Beautiful. I am committing to putting up THREE sticky notes in the hospital today in random places. They will say



WHO you are matters more than WHAT you are

What three things have you done or are than make you strong?


8 thoughts on “Stronger than you know

  1. 1. Finished my Ph.D. coursework with a 4.0!
    2. Traveled overseas for two weeks on my own.
    3. Started lifting weights again, which is good b/c my arms were getting flabby!!

    PS your backpacking trip sounds great! where are you going?

  2. 1)Committed to a 6 month Bible step study titled Celebrate Recovery
    2) Shared my testimony/story in front of our church members during a Sunday service.
    3) Allowed myself to indulge.

  3. 1. I passed an intensely difficult audit with very high scores.
    2. I PR’d a 40 mile ultra-marathon.
    3. I have loved and cherished my wife more than normal lately.

  4. Hmmm, lately? “Stong” in the sense of:
    Mentally: Sleep-trained a baby for one year to no avail.
    Physically: Given up fat-free/low-fat anything
    Randomly: Not taken on more hours at work so that I could spend more time with my son…who just woke up again.

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