Being Checked Out

I am a sucker for recognition. I like to be noticed. I want to stand out. Not every day, mind you. I like my intoverted time as well…but to feel connected and that my voice maters a few times a week outside of my profession is deeply validating…

So when single guru Bella featured the site in her Psychology Today blog Living Single…I was excited. Then, when Onely spotlighted this blog, I was super flattered.

The purpose of life is connection. I would enjoy hearing more comments from people that are both single and married, parents and those without children, mid-lifers and young professionals. Let’s not just read blogs that confine to our current labels.

So, whoever you are out there, read and comment. I need your voice. I need your words.


3 thoughts on “Being Checked Out

  1. “The purpose of life is connection”

    Thank you Special K. That is so wonderfully true.

    I have gained so much connection through this blog-world. Whatever is lacking in my social world on planet earth can be found in planet blog.

    I like checking you out!

  2. Sometime’s Paula’s blog can come across a bit defensive and angry. I have a long-term partner, but like your writing because it is more about being a woman finding herself than anything

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