Shape Identity

After stimulating dialouge, I tried to find that research study and I couldn’t find it…but both adult single and partnered gals have told me that they didn’t even consider a body part. Why is that? Have we adopted the positive girl movement that we as girls are not equal to our physical attractiveness? Or is it because by admitting that we have bodies, of which we are both proud and ashamed, feels base? I think there is a double edge sword here…we feel guilty for caring about our looks!

Why is identifying with your shape difficult?

My best feature: my calves. Seriously, I look good in a mid-knee skirt.

My worst feature: my skinny arms.

I dare you to answer…


2 thoughts on “Shape Identity

  1. Oh, I do love my arms! They are muscular when they’re in shape, and that’s HOT in my opinion 🙂

    Also, Special K, I wanted you to know that Onely has decided to profile other independent, non-profit blogs that have as their main focus living the single life, so that we can begin to build a stronger network of sites and other resources for being single. We’d like to include you in this project. If you’re interested in being profiled, please reply to me and my co-blogger Christina via email at [onely at], and I’ll give you the scoop!

    Lisa at Onely

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