Timing is PERFECT?

My morning drive to work spans 27 minutes. And usually within that time frame, I catch a few intriguing stories on NPR, a brief 7:20 “funny” comedy sketch, and usually one good tune (I can’t GET NO! SATISFACTION!). January in the pacific northwest requires getting comfortable with darkness, yet often, if the atmosphere aligns with minerals, and the traffic clogs or releases it syncopated pulses, one can catch snippets of delicate pinks or ostentatious purples swirling around Mt. Rainer. When this experience unfolds, my thoughts turn to timing.

I believe timing is perfect. While there are numerous experiences that validate this philosophy, on my morning drives this week, two pieces of evidence emerged. 1) A horrific car wreck on Monday morning, with steel frames crushed into accordions promising a life marred. I passed by with thoughts about a friend who had decided to end a relationship with an immature jerk. Her organized disappointment married to the wreckage strewn in the lane, blazingly yelped at how easy pain arrives. How it can conglomerate into your synapses, and block movement. The car in front of me at that moment had a big pink bumper sticker that yelped EMBRACE AMBIVILANENCE.

Indeed. Joy at NOT being THAT car, and discomfort that chaos often wins in certain moments. A feeling of BETRAYL of being left and yet RELIEF of being released from compromise…

The bumper sticker held each moment hostage this week. and then four days later in the week, a blog wrote about honoring ambivilanence…hmmmm? coincidence?…

2) another bumper sticker on Wednesday barked “IT’S WEENIE WEDNESDAY!” At first I chuckled…coming up with dirty names for all days of the week.

Indeed? It was the worst day of my week, two computer files lost (yep, due to me making he SAME error TWICE!) a random patient in crisis, a friend’s drama I allowed myself to partake in, and my thoughts were unfriendly and harsh to myself. I was a weenie.

Is timing is perfect? What do the bumper stickers around you say?


One thought on “Timing is PERFECT?

  1. Well I can think of many bumper stickers that should be around me but I will share the one that I would love to hang around me and believe in it….


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