#74 Tour A Farm

I’ve caught a big case of “Green Guilt”. I haven’t checked to see if my light bulbs are energy efficitent. My Scion, which gets around 34 mpg, is NOT a hybrid. I have compulsions to go into the trash and rescue aluminum cans. Americans are LAST in getting on the green wagon. Naturally, I want to compensate.

I guess around 20% of Americans also feel green guilt. ive days a week, my cable is set on channel 201, the Planet Green channel, where I am addicted to the show about cool green inventions. There is something super alluring about sustainable farming,
about being a good steward .
So I fed my addiction by touring an organic farm last weekend, located about 50 minutes away. There are many organic farms closer to me, but I visited this one because a group of women were gathering together to learn more about writing. So! The two, writing and farming, was too irrestible.
The “tour bus” is an old tractor
(I confess that I was thinking about how ineficient the old engine was that it might be polluting the air and thus the plants…)
My favorite part of the organic farm was the large section of herbs available to pick. A group of women there were selecting carefully in order to make a tea…a tea! AH! maybe that will be my next task…

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