#72 Try Rockclimbing or Canyoning

Jumping, scrambling, climbing…in a sinking motion, treking down a rocky cliff. It’s a drop, and in Costa Rica, canyoning entails rappelling down waterfalls.

Sure, I considered myself a normal, usually logical, rational PhD psychologist. I face my fears. I seek adventure, experience, a new opportunity. I am not prone to fear.

But fear pounded through each tiny capillary waiting to jump down that first waterfall. I chatted annoyingly in minimal spanish with our guides not to better prepare me, but to elicit all my educational skills of distraction to stop my body’s fear of impending doom. Afterall, throwing oneself off the side of a waterfall is NOT NORMAL, people!

Here I am!

I LOVED IT! This experience was the first time (and perhaps that the last time) in a while that I peeds my pants….

just a sprinkle, but it counts!
Can’t WAIT to try rockclimbing NEXT!

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