And thus it begins!

The Mission:Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.The Criteria:Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part). Visit Day Zero for links to Other Lists and Tips for Creating Your Own
My 101 things to do 1001 days
FYI: These are things I have NEVER done before or have rarely done in the past

1.Start a blog and journal about my 100 experiences (completed 7/6/08)

2.Skinny Dip

3. Befriend someone over 80 years old

4.Get a pet

5.Wear a birthday hat through a meal at a restaurant in a month no where CLOSE to my birthday (btw: April)

6.Raise money from loved ones to buy a Heifer (

7. Go a week without caffeine

8.Ride a train

9. Eat a quail egg (Arenal volcano, Wed, 8/27/08)

10. Create a place setting for 8 with 8 different patterns found in thrift shops (plate and a bowl)

11.Visit a WA winery and buy a bottle of wine

12. Get a body wrap at a spa (07/08)

13. Participate in a Habitat for Humanity Project

14. Receive postcards from all 50s states (6/50)

15. Finish a NY Times crossword puzzle, (Jon West says “Monday and Tuesday don’t count)

16. Become educated about changing a tire

17. Go to three live music events

18.Go on a spontaneous road trip

19. Sing a song in public (07/08)

20. Buy 20 dollars worth of flowers and give them away to complete strangers off one of my 5 student loans!

22. Try to learn how to crochet or knit

23. Cultivate a garden of some sort

24.Ride on a motorcyle flowers for myself flowers for some one else

27. Go on a blind date

28. spend half a day playing a video/computer game

30. Not drive my car for a week

31.Attend a book or poetry reading

32.Trade something on gimmie your stuff (

33.Visit Mount St Helens and the Ape Caves ( 7/5/08)

34. Spend a girls weekend with my sister Caity

35. Go fishing

36. Visit an apple orchard in Washington

37.Drink pink champagne

38. Donate my hair to locks of love (

39. Do something with dry ice

40. Watch the sunrise and the sun set in the same day

41.Learn how to use google reader and organize my favorite blogs

42.Complete a mad lib asking total strangers to supply the words

43.Ride in a hot air balloon yum cha or korean stirfry with friends

45. Take a class that features something I am not good at or have never done

46.Buy a frivolous kitchen gadget

47.learn how to say “where’s the bathroom” in six languages

48.Make a toast in a bar

49.make a sandcastle OR make a snowman

50.floss every day for a week

51. Visit a craft store in the morning and complete a gift project for a friend in one day

52. Give a care package of money, food, and clothing to a homeless person

53. Spend at least three nights in a cabin

54.Panhandle $5 (Jess wants to document this!)

55. publish something (a research article, letter to the editor)

56. Hike Mt Rainer

57.Create a survival kit good to last a week

58. Do something special with my mom

59. Eat only food produced with 100 miles of where I live for one week

60. Post Something on BookCrossing ( ( 7/17/08)

61. Go Caroling

62. Buy a pair of shoes that cost more than $100 (runners don’t count!)

63. Lie in a hammock (Costa Rica, 08/08)

64. Spend a day from sunrise to sundown in silence with no technologym without using electricity

65. Ask a guy out on a date

66. Throw a dinner party for 6, having each guest pick an ingredient and prepare a special course for each featuring that ingredient

67. Do not use my credit or debit card for an entire month, living only on a cash budget

68. Stay up all night

69.See a comedy routine

70. Complete a puzzle

71.Buy something on ETSY

72. Try Rockclimbing or Canyoning (Costa Rica, 8/27/2008)

73. Research the foster care system and the process for becoming a foster parent

74. Tour a farm

75.Ask someone to tell me his/her life story

76. Organize a community/neighborhood event

77. Watch 3 foreign films

78. Do something from The Art of Doing Nothing (like take a “gourmet nap” )

79. Sneak into a convention

80.Try to send someone a telegram

81. Host/Throw 6 Themed Potlucks (1/6 Nourishment Potluck, 8/15/08)

82. Do a “Price is Right” Challenge by spending as close to $100 in Whole Foods on 25 items.

83. Visit the biggest bookstore in America: Powells in Portland (7/31/2008)

84.Pick an inspirational book (Who Cares?) or movie and organize a community discussion of the book

85. Play Dress Up

86. Eat a meal at a sit down restaurant by myself WITHOUT reading

87. Learn something new (like 5 constellations) and teach something to someone else

88. Write a “If something ever happens to me letter” and give it to a family member AND close family friend

89. Go Camping/Sleep outside

90. Create the “ultimate” picnic

91. Attend a sporting event and drink a beer

92. Do NaNoWriMo (

93. Take 10 pictures with 10 people I love and write one paragraph about our relationship together

94. Attend a murder mystery party

95. Spend a full day shopping with $500 in cash AND NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!

96. Go to someplace people would called “sacred” (e.g. Great Wall of China, Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, a monastery)

97. Have a share week at work where I share something with a new person each day

98. Do something out of character/comfort zone that others would not expect me to do

99. Follow a financial plan (such as this one:


101.Throw a HUGE shower/celebration for myself when I finish this list


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